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    Hypnosis side effects

    Hypnosis side effectsHypnosis is a respected and non-controversial treatment for a variety of problems such as addictions, compulsive behavior or fobias. It is exactly because Hypnosis is such a powerful method of treatment, that it can very rarely have unexpected and even dangerous side effects.
    Side effects of Hypnosis include tiredness, crisis of identity, insomnia, irritability, fears, panic attacks, deficit of attention, distorted sense of self, confusion, sexually abberant behaviors, unexpected trance-like state, delusional thinking, depression, dizziness, syncope, fearfulness, feelings of guilt, histrionic reactions, impaired memory, nausea, obsessions, changes in personality.
    Generally, the negative side effects of Hypnosis can be divided into these categories:
    - Problems resulting from unintended suggestions
    - Obscuring actual physical health problems
    - Suicidal depression
    - Panic attacks or psychotic episodes
    - Symptom substitution
    Side effects and complications of Hypnosis can be defined as unexpected feelings, thoughts or behavior after or during the hypnotic treatment that are in conflict with the intended goals of the hypnosic treatment.
    More often than not, any side effects of Hypnosis are mild and transient. Often, patient reaction under hypnosis can be stronger than anticipated, and the patient vividly relives a prior experience. Case in point: The Barney and Betty Hill abduction.
    Hypnotists need to pay attention to the fact that their hypnotic suggestions are being taken literally by their patients. One famous side effects of hypnosis was the hypnotic suggestion to an anorexia patient to "always eat everything on your plate". One day, the patient fell ill and vomited on her plate. She then proceeded to eat the vomit.
    Another case of unintended hypnotic side effects was that of a person afraid of the dentist, who had been told that as soon as he would "go to the dentist", he would feel "wonderfully sedated". The bad effect was that the "sedation" started quite literally when the patient entered his car and drove to the dentist - endangering his life in the heavy traffic.
    All in all, Hypnosis side effects can be managed, but the practitioner needs to be aware of them and be trained to minimize their occurence and severity.

    This is our research on the alleged dangers of Hypnosis / adverse effects of Hypnosis and not medical advice!

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