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Amphetamines side effects

Amphetamines side effectsEffects of Amphetamines include feeling confident and happy, dilated pupils, being energetic, behaving excited and chatty, feeling wide awake and alert, loss of appetite, rapid breathing and tachycardia.
Increased alertness and decreased hunger. People with ADHD can concentrate better on Amphetamines.
Other side effects are weight loss and hallucinations. More negativeside effects of Amphetamines are changed sleep patterns, involuntary bodily movements, delusions of power, hyperactivity, nausea, itchy or blotchy skin, aggressiveness and irritability.
Adverse side effects of Amphetamines are irritability, restlessness, depression and anxiousness.
Due to the stimulant effect, the use of Amphetamines can be especially risky for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions. It can be fatal to mix Amphetamines with alcohol and other drugs that depress the Central Nervous System.
Amphetamines cause physical and psychological addiction.
Amphetamines can produce severe systemic effects, including cardiac irregularities and gastric disturbances. Chronic use of Amphetamines often results in bad side effects such as insomnia, irritability, hyperactivity, and aggressive behavior.
Long-tern adverse effects of Amphetamines are impaired immune system effectiveness, cardiac problems, irreversible psychological damage, stroke, liver damage, kidney and lung disorders and death.

This is our research on the alleged dangers of Amphetamines / adverse effects of Amphetamines and not medical advice!

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